Our story

Hi, our fellow visual maniac!


We hope you are as much obsessed with the quality of video content as we are!

Members of our team have been working with video production for over 20 years! We come from various backgrounds, from advertising to the film industry.

If you have worked in these fields, you know the pain. There are always many limitations for creativity from the client.

In 2017, we shook off these limitations and started making commercials for "virtual clients". That's how the idea of ​​the FINDSTORY platform was born. 

It is such a pleasure to create content you actually want to create! We are head over heels for aesthetics, yet fans of effectiveness. Video shooting is our leisure, our work and our passion.

We approach production in exactly the same way as advertising productions. We always put together a perfect team for production and use only the best equipment in the industry. In 2022 we switched to 8K video production with the RED V-Raptor camera. With every next shooting, we strive to make it technically more complex and visually better than the previous one.

We prepare a brief, as we would do for a client, cast actors, create sketches for the art department in pre-production, organize production and always have fun on the set. And when we move to post-production, we collect videos into stories among which you can effortlessly find the right pair of videos that match and are easy to edit.

We couldn't simply offer stock footage, but commercial level video content collected in ready-to-edit stories! Spend less time on the search and more on your creativity!

We believe that a story sells better than a single frame. From microstories, you can put together any commercial for your brand. Create your own story, because editing is like magic - you always create something new! If you need a bit of inspiration, you can find examples of our stories on FINDSTORY YouTube channel and Instagram.

Without you, there wouldn't be an ‘us’; your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Therefore every month we invite new authors to join us. The best of the best! Only those who share our philosophy. 

We add over 1000 files weekly. If you haven't found the video you need today - feel free to come tomorrow, and we can bet - the clips you need will already be there!

We believe that as a professional you will appreciate the opportunity to download RAW material. I am sure that your colourist or post-production producer will appreciate it.

We want you to create without limits, so we offer unlimited subscription access for Digital Use licences. If you need a few frames for TV or cinema, please email our sales manager ok@findstorynow.com

If you have a request for an unusual project, a collaboration, or a suggestion to improve our service or want to share what video you managed to create from our videos, please write to vk@findstorynow.com. We will be happy to get any feedback from you!

We hope to be of service in your most brave creative projects!


Best wishes,

Valery Kozlitinov


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